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Trent Richardson sued for assault of two women


The bad news for Browns running back Trent Richardson this week is that he can no longer use the top of his helmet to ram opponents. The worse news is that he now faces civil charges of assaulting a pair of women last December.

The only good news is that he’s not accused of ramming them with the top of his helmet.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Krystal Jones and Kathleen Hunter filed a lawsuit on Friday, claiming that Richardson, his girlfriend, and his brother, Terrell, verbally and physically assaulted the duo at Richardson’s home.

The incident occurred after the Browns’ December 9 win over the Chiefs. A celebration at Richardson’s house lasted into the morning hours of Monday, December 10, with Richardson’s girlfriend, Sevina Fatu, inviting Jones and Hunter to attend.

The women claim that Richardson at one point asked them to leave and that, while in the driveway, Richardson “verbally accosted” them, “shout[ing] and curs[ing]” that the women has “‘disrespected his house’” by slamming a door. Richardson then allegedly slammed a fist onto the hood of Jones’ car, causing damage in excess of $1,500.

The women claim that, as they tried to leave, Richardson stood behind the car and called for Fatu to come out and “attack” them. Fatu then “opened the driver’s door and began pummeling” Kathleen Hunter “with her fists.” Two other unnamed women joined the fray, beating Hunter at the alleged urging of Richardson.

Next, the trio allegedly “proceeded to beat and pummel Plaintiff Krystal Jones with their fists and feet,” at the direction of Trent Richardson.

Jones and Hunter claim that, after they were able to drive away, they stopped the car, called police, and sought medical attention.

The Browns told the Plain Dealer that they are “aware of the situation, but will not comment at this time.”

It’s unclear whether the situation was investigated by the authorities for criminal prosecution, and if so whether a decision was made to prosecute, or not.