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Trooper barred from working for Roethlisberger appeals ruling

You would think that Pennsylvania state trooper Edward J. Joyner would have had enough of Ben Roethlisberger after his recent trip to Milledgeville with him.

But Joyner is a friend and an employee of Big Ben, and he wants that to continue. Joyner has appealed a decision barring him from working with Roethlisberger any longer under provisions of the contract with the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Joyner’s bosses had previously approved the extra work, but rescinded that approval in April for demeaning “the image of the department.”

I’m not a legal expert, but it is surprising that Joyner’s desire for extra income outweighs any preference to make his police bosses happy and stay out of the news. Maybe Roethlisberger pays better.