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Updated Tom Brady odds show 49ers rising

On Thursday's edition of PFT, Mike Florio and Chris Simms play "Would you rather", discuss Tom Brady's free agency and more fun topics around the NFL.

The previous odds posted regarding Tom Brady’s 2020 destination didn’t include the 49ers as a potential wagering option. The latest odds do.

Via, the Westgate Superbook has installed the 49ers at 12-1 to land the six-time Super Bowl winner.

The Patriots remain the favorite to keep Brady, at 1-2. Which suggests that whoever sets these odds really isn’t paying attention like they should be. But at least they’re paying close enough attention to get the 49ers on the board.

The Titans have 9-2 odds, followed by the Raiders at 8-1 and the Chargers at 8-1.

The Colts are the next team behind the 49ers at 14-1, along with the Bucs. “No snap taken” lands at 30-1 (that should be at least 1,000-1).

Then comes the pie-in-the-sky, piss-away-your-money fun, with the Cowboys at 80-1, the Bears, Dolphins, Panthers, and Broncos at 100-1, the Lions at 200-1, the Rams, Falcons, Jaguars, at Giants at 300-1, the Browns, Jets, Bills, Steelers, and Washington at 500-1, the Bengals, Vikings, Cardinals, Eagles, Texans, and Saints at 1,000-1, the Seahawks, Packers, and Ravens at 5,000-1.

The John Mellencamp wins an Oscar prize goes to the Chiefs, who are at 10,000-1 long shot to land Brady.

As to the Chiefs, I’ll repeat the line Nick Wright used last week when I visited his how on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio: If Brady truly wants to win a Super Bowl in 2020, he should sign with the Chiefs. And back up Patrick Mahomes.