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Van Halen emerges as first source of Super Bowl halftime speculation


The NFL could be poised to continue its recent habit of hiring aging rock/pop stars to provide the entertainment during the extended intermission at the Super Bowl.

Other than the glorified karaoke entourage known as the Black Eyed Peas in early 2011, the post-wardrobe malfunction halftime shows have featured acts who have been alive for all of the past Super Bowls, and then some.

Thanks to a reader who actually read all of a new article regarding an upcoming Van Halen reunion tour, band founder Eddie Van Halen has dropped what could be a hint that the group will be in New Orleans in early February for something other than the Jambalaya.

"[I]n November, we’ll hit Japan, and in the new year, we’ll possibly do something special, but I can’t talk about it,” Van Halen tells Marco R. della Cava of USA Today.

I’ve yet to come up with all the “special” things a rock group can do that would require extreme discretion (although in some states that list could be longer than in others), but playing at the Super Bowl would be at or near the top.

The good news is that the hiring of Van Halen’s 21-year-old son, Wolfgang, as the bass player drives the average age of the band down, a bit. The bad news is that David Lee Roth is still the lead singer.

And in honor of certain current events in the NFL, perhaps they can debut a modified version of one of their former lead singer’s hits: I Can’t Drive 55 . . . Sober.