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Vikings should consider giving Case Keenum more cash

The Minnesota Vikings aren't doing themselves or Sam Bradford any favors by rushing him back to the field.

Mike Glennon will make $16 million this year from the Bears, but he’s not playing -- and when he was playing, he wasn’t playing well. Case Keenum will make $2 million this year from the Vikings, and he is playing. And -- based on his 17-for-21 performance in Chicago last night -- he’s playing well.

The Vikings should be taking note, and they should be formulating a plan for keeping Case around.

Keenum, like Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater, is due to become a free agent in March. The Vikings should approach Keenum now with an offer that would give him more money for 2017, and that would keep him around for 2018.

Sure, he could wait to become a free agent, sign with a quarterback-needy team in March, and then be supplanted by a first-round rookie, like Glennon was this year in Chicago and like Keenum was last year with the Rams. Or he could get solid backup money to play for the Vikings for as long as they need him this season and be one of the options for 2018, which possibly could include Keenum becoming the starter.