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Vikings throw Tarvaris Jackson jerseys into the bargain bin

From time to time, folks try to glean evidence of looming personnel moves from the price points applied to player jerseys. Though in some cases roughly as reliable as a Ouija board on a fishing boat, the decision to dramatically cut the value of a jersey bearing the name and number of a player still on the team reasonably can be interpreted as a sign that someone in the organization has reason to believe that the player won’t be on the team in much longer.

And when it happens within the confines of the protracted annual exercise in “will he or won’t he?” (or, as it’s known this year, “why in the hell won’t he just tell us what we already know?”), it becomes slightly more intriguing.

A reader points out that the Vikings have added to their online bargain bin a couple of different styles of Tarvaris Jackson jerseys. And so for the same price that jerseys previously worn by the likes of Chester Taylor, Darren Sharper, and Matt Birk can be purchased, Vikings fans can get their hands on the shirt worn by a guy who possibly isn’t long for purple.

Earlier this year, temporarily offered LaDainian Tomlinson jerseys in Vikings colors, at a time when L.T. was deciding between Minnesota and the Jets. This time around, the sale appears on the team-owned fan shop.

In the end, it likely means nothing -- other than that the team has concluded that the demand for Tarvaris Jackson jerseys currently is equal to the demand for the jerseys of three guys who currently play for other teams.

Which, frankly, sounds about right.