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Warriors will skip White House visit

President Donald Trump had plenty of praise for Deshaun Watson's heroics at Clemson, which only adds more pressure to the Houston Texans' rookie.

After the Patriots won the Super Bowl, various reports emerged regarding various players who wouldn’t be attending the traditional visit to the White House. When it comes to the Golden State Warriors, NBA writers won’t have to track down what each guy will or won’t do.

Via multiple reports, the Warriors already have decided as a team to not go.

It would have been pretty awkward if they’d gone; indeed, there’s a chance they wouldn’t have even been invited. Just last month, coach Steve Kerr called President Trump a “blowhard” and “ill-suited” for the office he holds.

“Has anyone ever thought that Donald Trump was a great leader?” Kerr said.

Similarly, Warriors guard Steph Curry reacted to UnderArmour CEO Kevin Plank calling President Trump a “real asset” to the nation by saying, “I agree with that description, if you remove the ‘et’.”

Basketball coaches and players have been far more candid in recent months regarding their political views, and few have shouted them down or stopped watching basketball because of it. Football coaches and players, in turn, have been reluctant to say anything, one way or the other, about things currently happening in the country.