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Week 10 power rankings

The Dallas Cowboys are danger of slipping from playoff contention while losing a number of impact players.

1. Eagles (8-1; last week No. 1): Chaz Green gives Eagles fans good feelings for Sunday night, albeit bad memories of Winston Justice.

2. Patriots (7-2; No. 2): The only question left for the balance of the regular season is whether they’ll win the AFC Championship at home or on the road.

3. Steelers (7-2; No. 3): Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t like Thursday football. Some Steelers often act like they’re allergic to Sunday football.

4. Rams (7-2; No. 4): If they keep winning games, maybe the stadium will get to 75-percent capacity.

5. Vikings (7-2; No. 5): The movie is getting good, but longstanding Vikings fans know how it will end.

6. Saints (7-2; No. 6): They dumped beer on Mark Ingram’s face in Buffalo. What happens when he jumps in to the stands in a weed-legal state?

7. Chiefs (6-3; No. 7): Unbeatable coming out of the bye, they’re wasting that bump this year on the one-win Giants.

8. Seahawks (6-3; No. 8): Russell Wilson’s one-man band can only play so many tunes.

9. Panthers (7-3; No. 9): After the first five minutes of any Panthers game, it’s obvious whether they’ll win or lose.

10. Jaguars (6-3; No. 12): This Jekyll-and-Hyde team has been more Jekyll in recent weeks. Or is it Hyde?

11. Lions (5-4; No. 15): The NFC North crown is still largely riding on a Thanksgiving visit from the Vikings.

12. Falcons (5-4; No. 16): The perfect cure for a Super Bowl hangover is Adrian Clayborn playing like Derrick Thomas, for more than one game.

13. Titans (6-3; No. 14): Dick LeBeau may know a thing or two about what it takes to get under Ben Roethlisberger’s thin skin.

14. Cowboys (5-4; No. 10): The season is close to falling apart for the Cowboys, and that may be the least of Jerry Jones’ problems.

15 Washington (4-5; No. 11): If they can somehow win enough games to get to the playoffs, they could win a couple of games when they get there.

16. Bills (5-4; No. 13): Against the Saints, three yards and a cloud of dust became 10 yards and a crowd of Bills defensive players laying on the ground.

17. Raiders (4-5; No. 17): With a return Mexico City, it may eventually be easier to list the cities in which the Raiders haven’t played home games.

18. Ravens (4-5; No. 18): The best evidence of this team’s current lack of relevance? They had a bye week, and no one noticed.

19. Chargers (3-6; No. 19): They should replace the lightning bolts on the helmets with a horseshoe on one side and a hand grenade on the other.

20. Packers (5-4; No. 27): Brett Hundley’s hamstring may keep the Joe Houlian-Hallahan-O’Callaghan-Callahan era close to commencing.

21. Jets (4-6; No. 20): The fact that they’re still alive with Thanksgiving approaching is one of the most amazing stories of the season.

22. Dolphins (4-5; No. 21): The glass is half full, of nothing.

23. Cardinals (4-5; No. 22): Yes, Blaine Gabbert remains employed by the NFL -- and he apparently will be playing on Sunday.

24. Buccaneers (3-6; No. 29): They’re not booing, they’re chanting Gruden. Which is actually worse for Dirk Koetter.

25. Bengals (3-6; No. 23): I’m not saying Marvin Lewis threw Jeremy Hill under the bus. But Hill caught in the axle of a large vehicle designed to transport small children to school, and Marvin’s arms are curiously extended.

26. Texans (3-6; No. 24): How about direct snaps to Lamar Miller, Alfred Blue, and D’Onta Foreman?

27. Bears (3-6; No. 25): “Crazy like a Fox” suddenly has taken on a different meaning.

28. Broncos (3-6; No. 26): John Fox got fired for a lot less than this.

29. Colts (3-7; No. 28): Is there any quarterback injury that the Colts haven’t screwed up this decade?

30. 49ers (1-9; No. 30): The friends and family confines of Levi’s Stadium finally gave the paying customers something to justify their decision to not stay home and watch bowling.

31. Giants (1-8; No. 31): By not firing Ben McAdoo, ownership blew a great chance to make fans think that they know what they’re doing, if only for a day.

32. Browns (0-9; No. 32): Rich Kotite is starting to feel sorry for Hue Jackson.