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Week 12 power rankings

The Philadelphia Eagles once again rolled to a double-digit victory, but they have a pair of tough games coming up against the Rams and Seahawks.

1. Eagles (10-1; last week No. 1): They’re making it look too easy. At some point, it won’t be.

2. Patriots (9-2; No. 2): Favored by 17. Still cover. Just another day at the office.

3. Steelers (9-2; No. 3): Mike Tomlin should have stuck with coach speak when speaking about a possible postseason rematch with the Patriots.

4. Vikings (9-2; No. 4): They’re starting to feel like a potential Super Bowl team. Which means that the inevitable implosion is coming.

5. Rams (8-3; No. 6): Maybe they’ll fill the Coliseum for a playoff game. Or maybe not.

6. Saints (8-3; No. 5): Coming Sunday, the biggest game at the Superdome since the lights went out during the Super Bowl.

7. Panthers (8-3; No. 7): They may be the best team no one is paying much attention to.

8. Falcons (7-4; No. 9): The hangover is subsiding. A little.

9. Jaguars (7-4; No. 8): For the first time ever, a “Blake” faced a “Blaine” in a game that didn’t involve a shuttlecock.

10. Seahawks (7-4; No. 12): They may not make the playoffs, but they could make the playoffs interesting by beating the Eagles on Sunday night.

11. Titans (7-4; No. 14): The Steelers and the Patriots should not want to face them in January.

12. Ravens (6-5; No. 13): The Steelers and the Patriots should not want to face them in January.

13. Chargers (5-6; No. 15): The Steelers and the Patriots should not want to face them in January.

14. Bills (6-5; No. 18): The Steelers and the Patriots aren’t concerned about facing them in January.

15. Lions (6-5; No. 10): Their playoff hopes may hinge on winning a game in Baltimore for the first time in 40 years.

16. Chiefs (6-5; No. 11): There’s a fine line between loyalty and stubbornness.

17. Washington (5-6; No. 17): They’ll be dangerous if they can get in. But it won’t be easy to get in.

18. Raiders (5-6; No. 20): They may need to bring back Cliff Branch and Fred Biletnikoff for the next two games.

19. Bengals (5-6; No. 21): Never underestimate their will to get back to the playoffs and lose in the wild-card round.

20. Cowboys (5-6; No. 16): I was very thankful for the tryptophan.

21. Packers (5-6; No. 24): With both the Packers and the Bucs under .500 at the same time, the Bay of Pigs is back, baby.

22. Cardinals (5-6; No. 26): Beat the Rams on Sunday, and the Cardinals could be on to something.

23. Buccaneers (4-7; No. 19): Jameis Winston may have to settle for eating some string cheese on Sunday.

24. Texans (4-7; No. 22): The only question left to answer is whether Bill O’Brien will be back next year.

25. Jets (4-7; No. 23): It’s time to tank.

26. Dolphins (4-7; No. 25): Not many teams could overcome the various messes this franchise has endured.

27. Bears (3-8; No. 27): The Superfans switched to sushi? I thought they were baccala men.

28. Giants (2-9; No. 28): With a trip to Oakland looming, the Giants are 2-1 against the AFC West, 0-8 against the rest of the league.

29. Colts (3-8; No. 29): Whenever Chuck Pagano gets fired, he will have made it far longer than he ever should have.

30. Broncos (3-8; No. 30): Most fans would take a Super Bowl win in exchange for a free-fall two seasons later.

31. 49ers (1-10; No. 31): At what point should they be required to give back one of their Super Bowl trophies?

32. Browns (0-11; No. 32): This year’s game against the Chargers will probably go a little differently than last year’s.