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Week 13 power rankings


1. Seahawks (11-1; last week No. 1): The only question left for this team is whether the 12th Man will travel -- to New Jersey.

2. Panthers (9-3; No. 3): Two games against the Saints are all that’s standing in the way of an NFC South title and a playoff bye.

3. Patriots (9-3; No. 4): The only thing the Patriots currently are spying is a first-round playoff bye.

4. Broncos (10-2; No. 5): Attention Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks -- Eric Decker has just shown you how to play in a contract year.

5. Saints (9-3; No. 2): The Saints can’t get to the Super Bowl if they have to leave the Superdome in January.

6. Bengals (8-4; No. 7): The best way to win a playoff game could be not having to play one, and this team is closer to a bye than most realize.

7. 49ers (8-4; No. 8): Michael Crabtree already has made Colin Kaepernick look a lot better at quarterback.

8. Chiefs (9-3; No. 6): As the offense has improved, the defense has disintegrated.

9. Cowboys (7-5; No. 10): After throwing up on game day, Tony Romo now knows what it feels like to be a Cowboys fan in December.

10. Eagles (7-5; No. 11): Maybe Chip Kelly has been talking so fast lately so no one thinks to ask him why Nick Foles wasn’t the Week One starter.

11. Cardinals (7-5; No. 9): It was fun while it lasted.

12. Colts (8-4; No. 13): It stopped being fun a while ago, but somehow they’re still winning.

13. Lions (7-5; No. 14): They had some fun on Thanksgiving. For a change.

14. Ravens (6-6; No. 20): For Ravens fans, watching the Steelers sweat out discipline from the league office is fun.

15. Packers (5-6-1; No. 12): If Aaron Rodgers can get back this weekend, things can get very interesting in the NFC North.

16. Chargers (5-7; No. 15): Every time it looks like they’re ready to take a step forward, they take a step backward.

17. Rams (5-7; No. 16): If the Rams finish with the first overall pick in the draft (thanks to the Redskins), do they take a quarterback?

18. Bears (6-6; No. 17): Don’t criticize Marc Trestman for trying the 47-yard field goal in overtime. Criticize him for not throwing to Alshon Jeffrey on every play of the game.

19. Dolphins (6-6; No. 22): The mere fact that they still have a shot at the playoffs after what they’ve been through the past few weeks provides real hope for 2014.

20. Titans (5-7; No. 18): Being swept by the Colts is bad. Being swept by the Colts at a time when they can’t beat anyone else is worse.

21. Steelers (5-7; No. 19): Mike Tomlin could end up getting to watch a game’s worth of kickoff returns from the Jumbotron in his house.

22. Giants (5-7; No. 23): Just making it to the playoffs this year would be a bigger upset than either of their Super Bowl wins.

23. Jets (5-7; No. 21): Is it too late to bring back Tim Tebow?

24. Bills (4-8; No. 24): In defense of Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler, Mayor Rob Ford was spotted with some of the game balls after devouring a basket of greasy chicken wings.

25. Jaguars (3-9; No. 30): Gus Bradley could blow the first overall pick in the draft, but also he could end up getting coach of the year votes.

26. Browns (4-8; No. 25): The Factory of Sadness has resumed its holiday schedule.

27. Vikings (3-8-1; No. 28): Does knocking Josh McCown out of the 2013 playoffs make up for McCown knocking the Vikings out of the 2003 playoffs?

28. Buccaneers (3-9; No. 26): That wounded duck thrown by Tampa’s Napoleon Dynamite doppelganger looked like a literal attempt to throw a football over them mountains.

29. Raiders (4-8; No. 27): Which comes first, a quarterback of the future or a coach of the future?

30. Falcons (3-9; No. 31): Guys, if you want to be able to draft Jadeveon Clowney, it’s time to ix-nay on the in-ways.

31. Redskins (3-9; No. 29): “Operation Patience” isn’t just the motto for RGIII’s ACL recovery; it’s the name of the officiating maneuver unleashed Sunday night on the Redskins.

32. Texans (2-10; No. 32): Antonio Smith thinks the Patriots have been doing some “spying or scouting.” Everyone else thinks the Texans have been doing some sucking.