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Week 17 Morning Aftermath: T.J. learns the hard way not to make boasts

Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh spent eight seasons in the shadows of Chad Johnson/Ochocinco. So we were rarely treated on a national scale to Houshmandzadeh’s habit of making big promises.

We wish we had known what we were missing from 2001 through 2008; if so, we would have appreciated Chad even more.

Houshmandzadeh has proven to be Ochocinco without the charisma. Chad can say things with an electric smile and a pleasant demeanor, and it’s (usually) humorous, or at a minimum not annoying.

T.J. has little or no charisma, so when he brags, it makes him less appealing. Or, more accurately, completely unappealing.

The good news, however, is that all of his boasts for 2009 completely missed the mark.

He told Sporting News over the summer that he and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck “will” take the Seahawks to the playoffs. Houshmandzadeh also said that he “will” have a top-five receiving season. And he said that he “will” go to the Pro Bowl.

(We would wager that the word “will” doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.)

Housmandzadeh later griped that he received only a rating of 91 in the Madden game, saying he’d boycott the new edition of the only NFL-licensed video game. But the 91 placed him as the sixth-best receiver in the NFC. In 2009 receiving yards (911) he was 16th among all NFC wideouts. And his three touchdown receptions put him in an eight-way tie for 26th place among NFC receivers. (In fairness, his receptions (79) put him at seventh among all NFC receivers.)

So, in reality, Madden overestimated Houshmandzadeh’s abilities for 2009.

And Houshmadzadeh grossly overestimated his own abilities for 2009.

Sure, he’s got excuses. He has claimed that the ball wasn’t thrown to him when open. But he’s been openly frustrated, and last week he seemed to blame his mediocre season on facing constant double coverage.

Still, we’re hoping he’s learned that his best bet for 2010 will be to inject some humility into his comments regarding his skills.

Or, better yet, to say nothing at all.