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Week 17 power rankings

The Football Night in America team looks at the Steelers, why Mike Tirico thinks that Le'Veon Bell could be at the root of their issues, plus which team can get past the Saints and the magic of Nick Foles.

1. Saints (13-2; last week No. 1): Home for the holidays, and well beyond.

2. Rams (12-3; No. 5): The fact that such a flawed franchise has climbed back to No. 2 illustrates how muddled the top of the stack currently is, other than at No. 1.

3. Bears (11-4; No. 4): Beating the Vikings could end up being the thing that brings down a special season, since Chicago could then end up being the next notch in Nick Foles’ magic belt.

4. Patriots (10-5; No. 8): Please, keep writing them off.

5. Chiefs (11-4; No. 3): Even with the MVP on the roster, this team seems to be too flawed to get to the Super Bowl.

6. Chargers (11-4; No. 2): With a 6-0 record away from L.A., maybe they’re better off with the No. 5. seed.

7. Texans (10-5; No. 6): One more loss, and they’ll be hitting the road in the wild-card round.

8. Ravens (9-6; No. 9): Every AFC contender will be rooting for Baker Mayfield to knock out the most dangerous team in the conference.

9. Seahawks (9-6; No. 13): Rebuild this.

10. Colts (9-6; No. 10): Rebuild this.

11. Titans (9-6; No. 11): Blaine “Bad Penny” Gabbert actually could be starting a de facto playoff game.

12. Cowboys (9-6; No. 12): The clapping will continue into 2019.

13. Vikings (8-6-1; No. 14): The playoffs hinge on Kirk, not Kurt, showing up in Week 17.

14. Eagles (8-7; No. 15): Carson Wentz is a better quarterback, but with Nick Foles on the field the Eagles are a better team.

15. Steelers (8-6-1; No. 7): Mike Tomlin is the rare coach who has mastered the hard parts of the job, and yet continues to trip and fall over the easy stuff.

16. Browns (7-7-1; No. 16): If they’d fired Hue Jackson after the 2017 season, they’d be in the playoffs right now.

17. Packers (6-8-1; No. 21): Congratulations on getting that one road win this year.

18. Broncos (6-9; No. 17): First back-to-back losing seasons since 1971-72 means big changes are coming.

19. Washington (7-8; No. 18): D.J. Swearinger got the best Christmas gift ever.

20. Dolphins (7-8; No. 19): The question isn’t whether change is coming; it’s how dramatic the change will be.

21. Panthers (6-9; No. 20): Two coach of the year awards and a Super Bowl berth should get Ron Rivera at least another year.

22. Falcons (6-9; No. 28): So they’ll hire a new offensive coordinator, in the hope that he’ll perform well enough that someone else will hire him to be a head coach?

23. Giants (5-10; No. 22): The Eli Manning barometer is swinging back to the “gold watch and get out of here” range.

24. Raiders (4-11; No. 30): Goodbye Raiders, it’s been nice. Hope you find your paradise. And then move back here in about 20 years.

25. Jaguars (5-10; No. 31): Maybe they should bring back the two-tone helmets.

26. Bills (5-10; No. 23): Yes, it’s been a rough year. But there’s arguably more reason for hope now than there was a year ago.

27. Lions (5-10; No. 24): Coming from a team that had Gronk in his prime, you’d think Matt Patricia would have better ideas for how to cover a tight end.

28. Bengals (6-9; No. 25): Will this be the year Mike Brown makes a change? (Probably not.)

29. 49ers (4-11; No. 26): Kyle Shanahan would surely love to rob Sean McVay of his bye week.

30. Buccaneers (5-10; No. 27): When there are more people on the field than in the stands, yes, big changes are looming.

31. Jets (4-11; No. 29): Jim Harbaugh vs. the New York media would be far more compelling than the games.

32. Cardinals (3-12; No. 32): A quiet but lingering frugality could be holding the franchise back; it will be interesting to see how much they spend in the offseason on upgrading the coaching staff and front office.