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Week Four power rankings

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 02: Jimmy Graham #80 of the New Orleans Saints celebrates after scoring a touchdown during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on October 2, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Getty Images

1. Packers (No. 1; 4-0): Get past the Falcons in Week Five, and the Packers could take a 10-0 record into that Thanksgiving showdown with the Lions.

2. Saints (No. 2; 3-1): In Jimmy Graham, the Saints have the steal of the 2010 draft. In Darren Sproles, they have the steal of the 2011 free-agency class.

3. Lions (No. 3; 4-0): Get past the Falcons in Week Five Seven, and the Packers Lions could take a 10-0 record into a Thanksgiving showdown with the Lions Packers.

4. Ravens (No. 4; 3-1): When a team can overcome a bad performance by its quarterback and still win by 17 against a defending conference finalist, something special is happening.

5. Patriots (No. 6; 3-1): The current Dolphins’ quarterback would look a lot more like Tom Brady if Miami had never let Wes Welker get away.

6. Texans (No. 14; 3-1): Are Texans good enough to win games without Andre Johnson? They apparently will get a chance to find out, if only for a few weeks.

7. Chargers (No. 7; 3-1): The combined record of the teams the Chargers have beaten is 1-11. And that justifies putting the Chargers closer to 11 than one.

8. Buccaneers (No. 9; 3-1): Yes, it was Monday Night Football. Yes, they came back from 10 points behind. But, yes, it was the Colts.

9. Giants (No. 12; 3-1): Even though the call was right, we’ve got a feeling that Victor Cruz won’t ever leave a ball on the ground again. Anywhere.

10. Bills (No. 5; 3-1): Well, at least they won’t start 4-0 and then fall apart like they did in 2008.

11. Steelers (No. 8; 2-2): Though it’s easy to be skeptical about Ben Roethlisberger’s injury, keep in mind that the boy who cried wolf eventually was eaten by a wolf.

12. 49ers (No. 17; 3-1): We’d hate to see how many yards Frank Gore would have had against the Eagles if he didn’t have a bad ankle.

13. Bears (No. 15; 2-2): If Matt Forte runs for 205 yards with his contract supposedly serving as a distraction, the Bears should keep him that distracted every week.

14. Titans (No. 20; 3-1): Maybe the Seahawks should have kept Matthew Hasselbeck. And maybe someone other than the Titans should have been in line to get him.

15. Raiders (No. 10; 2-2): Based on his boast that the Raiders will win the division, coach Hue Jackson caught a case of RexRyanitis from his postgame handshake with the Jets head coach.

16. Falcons (No. 16; 2-2): If the Falcons lose another one to Green Bay at home, the naming rights to the Georgia Dome should be sold to the Packers.

17. Redskins (No. 18; 3-1): Don’t complain, Redskins fans, about going up only one spot. Beating the Rams by only seven could be regarded as a reason to fall five.

18. Jets (No. 11; 2-2): Nick Mangold is proving to be worth his considerable weight in silver.

19. Cowboys (No. 13; 2-2): Blowing a 24-point lead to Detroit may have been even worse than losing 44-0 to the Bears in 1985.

20. Panthers (No. 19; 1-3): Carolina fans know that, despite the current record, the wins are coming.

21. Bengals (No. 25; 2-2): It’s hard to imagine that this team would have been much better with Carson Palmer.

22. Eagles (No. 21; 1-3): The 13-year offensive line coach was shifted unexpectedly to defensive coordinator, but the team can’t figure out what its defense and offensive line now suck.

23. Cardinals (No. 22; 1-3): Well, at least Kevin Kolb’s team is currently doing better than the team of the guy he replaced in Philly.

24. Browns (No. 26; 2-2): How bad are the bad teams in the NFL this year? The Browns lost badly at home, but they still moved up two spots.

25. Jaguars (No. 23; 1-3): It’s almost time to cue Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles.

26. Broncos (No. 24; 1-3): Maybe John Fox would prefer Jamie Foxx as Willie Beamen to Tim Tebow.

27. Seahawks (No. 27; 1-3): Another 7-9 finish won’t be good enough to win the division this year.

28. Chiefs (No. 32; 1-3): And there goes the best chance to keep Andrew Luck in red and white.

29. Vikings (No. 28; 0-4): The good news for Minnesotans who don’t want the Vikings to leave? It’s currently hard to think Los Angeles would want them.

30. Colts (No. 29; 0-4): If the front office had the same faith in Curtis Painter that Reggie Wayne has displayed, the team may be better than 0-4.

31. Rams (No. 30; 0-4): Well, at least we now have a better understanding of why the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels.

32. Dolphins (No. 31; 0-4): Stephen Ross thinks Tony Sparano is “the right coach.” Sometimes there’s no need for a punch line.