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Week Nine power rankings

It’s that time again.

The PFT power rankings.

Feel free to complain. We’re used to it.

1. Baltimore Ravens (Last week No. 2; 6-2): Every team should celebrate the 10-year anniversary of winning their first Super Bowl by trying to do it again.

2. New York Giants (No. 4; 6-2): Every team should celebrate the 10-year anniversary of losing their first Super Bowl by trying to do it again.

3. New York Jets (No.5; 6-2): Jets kicker Nick Folk didn’t know his field goal try in overtime would decide the game, proving that he’s even dumber than Jets punter Steve “Fourth and 18" Weatherford.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 6; 6-2): If the Steelers had blown that game, James Harrison would have applied a helmet-to-helmet hit to himself.

5. Green Bay Packers (No. 9; 6-3): In their 30th game against the Cowboys, the Packers scored their biggest margin of victory ever.

6. Atlanta Falcons (No. 7; 6-2): Note to Falcons fans who think your team is too low. You get the chance to make a case for top-five status in two days.

7. New England Patriots (No. 1; 6-2): The Steelers may hold the deed to Heinz Field, but the Patriots own the place, thanks to a 75-percent winning rate there.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 13; 5-3): When this up-and-down team is up, they’re really, really up.

9. Oakland Raiders (No. 11; 5-4): Only Tom Cable could be a coach of the year candidate while still on the hot seat.

10. New Orleans Saints (No. 10; 6-3): After four easily winnable games, the Saints slam into a Ravens-Falcons-Bucs brick wall.

11. Indianapolis Colts (No. 3; 5-3): With several rough games coming up, Indy’s eight-year playoff streak could be in jeopardy.

12. Tennessee Titans (No. 12; 5-3): For the first time in NFL history, a “pick your poison” offense consists of a guy who really is poison.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (No. 8; 5-3): With a soft schedule in the second half, the sooner the Chiefs shrug off their loss in Oakland the better off they’ll be.

14: Cleveland Browns (No. 21; 3-5): When the Ryan twins get together for a November game in Cleveland, it’s time to get out the earmuffs. Even if it’s 75 degrees out.

15. Miami Dolphins (No. 14; 4-4): Dolphins fans may be starting to envy Helen Keller.

16. San Diego Chargers (No. 24; 4-5): Perhaps Jerry Jones should have hired Norv Turner instead of Wade Phillips, after all.

17. Chicago Bears (No. 19; 5-3): If the Bears lose to the Vikings, Lovie Smith may ask Brad Childress for a hug.

18. St. Louis Rams (No. 18; 4-4): The decision not to make a waiver claim on Randy Moss may have been this franchise’s smartest move since signing Kurt Warner.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 17; 5-3): Write it down -- the Bucs will be the sexy pick to make it to to Super Bowl XLVI. And then they’ll go 5-11.

20. Houston Texans (No. 16; 4-4): It’s a good thing the Texans gave Gary Kubiak a new contract.

21. Washington Redskins (No. 20; 4-4): The bye week gave the Redskins extra time to come up with a bunch of inconsistent excuses for the next benching of Donovan McNabb.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 22; 4-4): The loser of Sunday’s Texans-Jags game in Jacksonville probably has no chance of making the playoffs. The winner probably doesn’t, either.

23. Minnesota Vikings (No. 32; 3-5): This could get very interesting.

24. Seattle Seahawks (No. 15; 4-4): Pete Carroll keeps checking the schedule for “at Oregon State.”

25. Arizona Cardinals (No. 23; 3-5): Don’t look now, but the Cardinals remain very much alive for the NFC West title.

26. Detroit Lions (No. 25; 2-6): A possible signature win became just another run-of-the-mill Lions loss.

27. San Francisco 49ers (No. 26; 2-6): Don’t look now, but the 49ers remain very much alive for the NFC West title.

28. Cincinnati Bengals (No. 27; 2-6): They put up a valiant effort late, but it was a flat and lifeless first half that resulted in the 20-point hole from which they nearly emerged.

29. Carolina Panthers (No. 28; 1-7): There’s a good chance the Panthers won’t win another game this year. Which will make it impossible for John Fox to coach next year a team in any league that doesn’t begin with a “U” or a “C”.

30. Buffalo Bills (No. 29; 0-8): Shawne Merriman finally will get to see what it’s like to play for a team that long ago turned the “lights out.”

31. Denver Broncos (No. 30; 2-6): The chapter in Tim Tebow’s Through My Eyes memoir regarding his rookie season with the Broncos will be called Through (Up in) My Mouth.

32. Dallas Cowboys (No. 31; 1-7): Jerry Jones’ decision to fire a head coach during the season proves once again that, whenever someone in the media points to the fact that something has never happened as conclusive proof that it never will, ignore them.