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What is the 49ers’ plan for Trey Lance?

Trey Lance had a solid preseason debut with San Francisco, which could open the door for a Jimmy Garoppolo trade.

When it comes to 49ers rookie quarterback Trey Lance, it’s quite possible that the plan is there is no plan.

More specifically, the organization seems to be playing everything by ear, taking it all one day, practice, or rep at a time when assessing when and if Lance will get more first-team reps at practices or in preseason games.

The question ultimately becomes when and if Lance will become the starting quarterback, supplanting Jimmy Garoppolo.

On Sunday, coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear that Lance will get more opportunities when the time is right. It’s for Shanahan to know exactly when it’s right-time-o’clock. Lance did enough things well on Saturday night to earn more chances. However, as Simms explained on Monday’s PFT Live, Lance needs to do a better job of looking down the field as the rush closes in, since there are opportunities to get the ball to an open man if Lance can get his eyes off the rush and scan the field.

With Garoppolo due to make $25 million this year, Lance’s ascension will create real questions, potentially culminating in whether to ask Garoppolo to take a lot less than $25 million this year in order to avoid being cut.

Regardless, the target seems to be moving in San Francisco as the coaching staff gets more comfortable with Lance. If he becomes the guy for whom they gave up three first-round picks and a third-round pick, it should be a no-brainer to get him on the field.