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What’s next for Chargers, Bosa?

The Chargers and Joey Bosa are once again in disagreement, this time more publicly, and Mike Florio explains how both sides need to come to a "win-win" situation to resolve the issue.

As the lava from Wednesday’s unexpected eruption between the Chargers and unsigned defensive end Joey Bosa continues to flow (sorry, Pompeii), the question becomes whether the two sides will find a way to work together before the player’s rookie season is buried in ash.

The two most obvious possibilities go like this: The team caves or the player caves. After Wednesday, that’s far less likely, because a solution that allows each side to save face is now critical, especially from Bosa’s perspective.

With the Chargers firing the first shot via a public statement that vows to reduce dollars and following it up with ownership calling Bosa’s position “absolutely asinine” on the record, the team will need to find a way to undo the slap in the face as part of a compromise.

Compromise continues to be the key word. This gets done when both sides are willing to compromise and resolve their differences.

Some have suggested that the player at some point may decide to take the team’s best offer, and that he will instruct his agents to do so. That’s not expected to happen; the players and his family are upset regarding the way that Bosa has been treated, and Wednesday’s tactics will do nothing to cure that.

So will he really skip the season? Maybe he will.