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What’s next for the Eagles at quarterback?

Carson Wentz has gone. Jalen Hurts remains. So what’s next for the Eagles at quarterback?

They undoubtedly will add someone at quarterback, someone capable of competing with Hurts and potentially winning the job. The Eagles view the backup quarterback spot as a top-15 roster position, and for good reason. They won a Super Bowl by having a more-than-competent backup to Carson Wentz.

So now without Wentz, they need someone to complement, supplement, and/or supplant Hurts as the presumed starter. They could draft that player, they could sign a veteran, or they could trade for someone like, yes, Nick Foles.

Whatever they do, the Eagles will do something more than retain a backup who is expected to embrace that spot and not truly challenge the starter. Although Hurts won the one-on-one against Wentz, Hurts still may not be the starter when Week One rolls around.

So while the Wentz trade becomes the ending of the starting-quarterback search for the Colts, the transaction may be just the beginning for the Eagles.