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Who were the best players to ever be traded?

Marshall Faulk, Brett Favre, and Steve Young are a few of the key players who have been on the move in their career, but Mike Florio and Big Cat have some other big names on their lists.

With Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, one of the best in the game and a potential Hall of Famer, available in trade, and with PFT Live always looking for ideas for a draft, we had an idea for a Friday selection process: Best guys named Antonio who were available to be traded.

And then we realized that it would be kind of hard to come up with more names than one, so we decided to broaden the draft to cover the best players who were ever traded.

The draft created controversy, because Big Cat seemed to think that the official rules of the draft covered only the best players at the time they were traded. Which sparked a spirited debate. Which made the whole thing even more fun, because he was wrong -- and because he ultimately was dominated.

The full draft appears in the attached video. Check it out, and then let us know who we missed. As if I need to ask you to do that.