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Will Patrick Mahomes catch Tom Brady in Super Bowl appearances, wins?

Chris Simms breaks down how the Chiefs were able to pick apart the Bills easily in the AFC Championship Game to return to the Super Bowl.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will make his second Super Bowl appearance in four seasons. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will make his tenth. So here’s the question: Will Mahomes catch Brady?

Brady also had two Super Bowl appearances in his first four seasons, the first of which was spent on the bench. Mahomes also spent his first season on the bench, and he has gotten to the AFC Championship in each of his three season as a starter.

Mahomes would have three Super Bowl appearances if former Chiefs pass rusher Dee Ford hadn’t lined up offside in the 2018 AFC title game against Brady and the Patriots, or if the Chiefs had won the coin toss at the outset of the extra session and had scored a first-drive touchdown. If that had happened, Mahomes would have three Super Bowl appearances instead of two, and Brady would have nine Super Bowl appearances instead of 10.

Actually, Mahomes could be on his fourth straight Super Bowl berth. If the Chiefs had benched Alex Smith during the 2017 season, when the team’s offense was struggling, Mahomes potentially could have given the Chiefs a lift that would have carried them beyond a 22-21 loss to the Titans in the wild card round.

For Mahomes, what matters is the future. Under contract through the end of the decade, he’ll continue to keep the Chiefs relevant and competitive. They could end up in five, six, seven, or more Super Bowls. And Mahomes could ultimately catch Brady’s 10 appearances.

In 13 days, Mahomes either will double his Super Bowl wins from one to two, or Brady will increase his record run from six to seven. Even if his does, no one will be shocked if Mahomes catches Brady, in Super Bowl appearances, in Super Bowl wins, or both.