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Will the Colts make a run at Lamar Jackson?

Mike Florio and Chris Simms analyze how Lamar Jackson potentially would fit in Indianapolis and assess how likely the team would be to actually make the move.

Earlier this week, Stephen Holder of reported that the Colts haven’t ruled out making a run at Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. The next question is whether they will actually do it.

Some have said that the acquisition of Gardner Minshew takes the Colts out of the running for Lamar. But Minshew’s deal (one year, $3.5 million) is a low-end backup deal. He won’t be the starter; the starter could be Jackson -- or whoever they select with the fourth overall pick in the draft.

The move could come after the upcoming draft. What if someone trades up to No. 3 and the Colts see their top three quarterbacks gone before they’re on the clock at No. 4? The Colts could use that pick on another position (or trade down), and then focus on Lamar after the draft ends.

They’d need more cap space (currently, they have roughly $21 million) to make it happen, especially since they need enough cap space to pay their rookies. That can be done, if they decide to try to get Lamar.

The Colts also would have to assume the risk that the Ravens will match the offer sheet, making the entire exercise a waste of time.

Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on -- especially since owner Jim Irsday’s “likes” on Twitter include an item regarding the possibility of the Colts pursuing Jackson.

In the end, a move to acquire Lamar will originate with or be approved by ownership. And Irsay has proven he’s willing to break ranks with his partners, given his public comments against Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. If Irsay is willing to suffer cold shoulders and/or dirty looks from other owners, maybe he’ll make Lamar the kind of offer that the Ravens can’t, or won’t, match.