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Will Vick be an Eagle in 2011? Andy Reid hasn’t thought about it

Eagles coach Andy Reid has waffled several times this year about his quarterback situation, at various times anointing Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick as his starter. So if Reid can’t even make a firm decision about his quarterback this year, it’s not surprising that he can’t decide who his quarterback will be next year.

Jim Rome asked Reid on today’s Jim Rome Is Burning whether he expects to have Vick on his team next year, and Reid said he hasn’t thought that far in advance.

“I haven’t even gone there,” Reid said. “I’m kind of in the moment, as they say. As a coach that’s kind of how you live. And so I haven’t looked down the road on this. I’m very blessed to have two quarterbacks in Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick.”

That’s probably the smartest answer Reid can give: At this point, we know we can’t believe anything Reid says about his quarterback situation, so he’s better off saying nothing at all.

So Reid can enjoy having both Vick and Kolb for the rest of this season, and then make his decision about whether to sign Vick to a long-term deal after the season. If this year is any guide, that’s a decision he’ll have a hard time making.