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Witten says Cowboys are “realists” about their window closing


Cowboys tight end Jason Witten just turned 30, and that’s an age when NFL players start to think about how much time they have left. In Witten’s case, he says he’s realistic enough to know that if he’s going to win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys, he can’t be patient.

“You try not to think about the window,” Witten told the Dallas Morning News. “But obviously, we’re realists. We understand where it’s at. I feel great and we’re playing great. But it’s about now. I think that’s how this whole organization thinks, from owner to head coach to veteran players to rookie players. That’s the way this league works.”

Witten said he was crushed by the Cowboys’ season-ending loss to the Giants.

“It crushes you,” he said. “You don’t need a loss like that to motivate you. That’s for sure. Every year you’re more and more motivated. You realize that time is now for a lot of key players. You need to take advantage of that. But, hey, give them credit. They made the plays they needed to make and got in the playoffs and went on a run. For us, we need to learn from that and not feel sorry for ourselves from that standpoint but allow that to be a game-changer for us to realize that every minute matters and you can’t let an opportunity like that slip.”

The current nucleus of players on the Cowboys have to know that they can’t let many more opportunities like that slip.