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Wrestling pal on Gronk: WWE a matter of when, not if

Rob Gronkowski has not committed to playing next season, but could his indecision be a ploy for more money from the Patriots?

Last Sunday night, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski provided a post-Super Bowl surprise by declining to commit to playing next year -- and by reacting to retirement rumors with a very telling, “I don’t know how you heard about that.”

The night before the Super Bowl, Gronk’s wrestling pal, Mojo Rawley, dropped a hint about the star tight end’s future, when asked whether Gronkowski may take up wrestling.

“Are you kidding?” Rawley told TMZ. “It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when, come on now.”

Without taking a beat, however, Rawley supplied a caveat: “I don’t know, I can’t speak for him. Whatever he wants to do.”

A report surfaced last week that Gronkowski is contemplating a career in action films, at the urging of the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Sylvester Stallone.

It’s possible that Gronkowski would have retired on the spot if the Patriots had won, and that the loss to the Eagles caused him to wait. Possibly, the loss becomes the type of unfinished business that causes him to return for another year.

He doesn’t need the money; he’s never spent a dollar of his football pay, living instead on endorsement dollars. Gronkowski quite possibly can make millions every year simply by being Gronk, whether as an actor, a wrestler, or just a fun-loving party boy who shows up anywhere and everywhere, making a good time better.

In other words, simply by being Gronk.