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Zach Wilson: I can’t be bitter, I didn’t perform well

Mike Florio and Chris Simms question the motive behind why the Jets have elected to cancel next week’s mandatory minicamp and discuss the importance of keeping Aaron Rodgers happy.

When Zach Wilson was drafted second overall in 2021, there wasn’t much thought that the Jets would have a new quarterback two years later but Wilson struggled in his opportunities to lead the offense and Aaron Rodgers became available this offseason.

Upon being asked about the prospect of a new quarterback being added to the team at the end of last season, Wilson said he would make that player’s life hell but Rodgers said on Friday that Wilson has been “incredible” to work with and joked that he “hasn’t made my life hell every day.” During his own press conference, Wilson explained why he was able to maintain a positive attitude this spring.

“I can’t be bitter,” Wilson said. “I didn’t perform well.”

Wilson said that he and Rodgers had been talking this offseason before any trade talks got underway and that he thinks playing with Rodgers “could be a big part” of putting him on a better track for the rest of his career.

“Of course I would like to be the guy,” Wilson said, via SNY. “At first, you’re not always happy about that. But I’m extremely psyched that out of any quarterback we could’ve brought in, it was him.”

When Rodgers was first acquired, he said he’d make Wilson’s life “heaven” and Wilson echoed his teammate by saying he’s been having a lot of fun over the last six weeks. It’s unclear what any of this will mean for Wilson’s future as an NFL quarterback, but the Jets will surely be hoping that everyone keeps smiling for months to come.