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Zorn is safe, for now

Last night, Peter King of NBC explained that the Redskins won’t be firing Jim Zorn in the wake of Sunday’s loss to the Redskins Lions because Zorn wears too many hats. (And, apparently, his hair looks the way it does from one of the hats Zorn has been wearing.)

Zorn also is the quarterbacks coach and the person who calls the plays. So, if he goes, the replacement would have to be able to step right in and take over those functions.

(Mike Shanahan.)

The problem is that there’s no one on the staff to whom owner Daniel Snyder would hand the reins on an interim basis. As King points out in Monday Morning Quarterback, defensive coordinator Greg Blache likely wouldn’t get the nod, given that the defense surrendered 381 yards to the lowly Lions. Other than offensive line coach Joe Bugel, there’s no one who would be able to step in and give the team a chance of turning things around.

(Mike Shanahan.)

Besides, in-season coaching changes usually (except in Oakland) are made at the launch of the bye week. For the Redskins, October 26 is the date to watch. On that night, they host the Eagles to conclude a quartet of games that should result in at least two wins, possibly three, and ideally four. If the ‘Skins win one or none between now and then, Zorn could be gone.

If, that is, there’s someone who can take his place.

(Mike Shanahan.)

And we’re kidding about the stuff in parentheses. Until January, that is.