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2010 NHL Entry Draft: Oilers attempted to trade for #2 pick

There’s been this undercurrent of a rumor the past few days (not all that crazy actually) that the Edmonton Oilers were hoping to make a play for the #2 overall pick in the draft, giving them the ability to draft both Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin at the same time. That would have been a coup of epic proportions, but it doesn’t appear that there was ever a possibility of that happening.

Now comes word from Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli that the Oilers have been insistent on trying for the #2 pick, and made another play about it today.

Chiarelli stated that he’s been steadfast in his refusal to trade down from that #2 spot, although he would have liked to have been in a position of having his choice of which player to pick

As it stands now, the Bruins will snag the player the Oilers don’t, so all signs are pointing to the Bruins picking Tyler Seguin at #2.

Update: Here’s the direct quote from Chiarelli, courtesy of ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun:

“I spoke with Steve this morning and I told him what I told him before: that we’re not in a position to make a significant offer to allow us to pick the player we want in the first two picks,” Chiarelli told early Friday afternoon. “But he inquired about trading for the second pick and I have to give him credit. He’s been really persistent in trying to get that pick. But I told him, as I’ve been telling everyone else, that I’m not moving the second pick.”