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2010 Stanley Cup Finals: Wirtz pushes the boycott on orange

The city of Chicago has fallen deep into the void of hockey madness. With the Blackhawks finally back in the Stanley Cup finals, for the first time since 1992 and after years of frustration, the city has now gone completely nuts as they gear up for what they hope to be ultimate victory.

You can also blame Rocky Wirtz a bit for the fervor that has enveloped the area.

“I’m taking every orange tie in my closet and throwing it out,” Wirtz told Sneed.

“I think we should boycott everything colored orange for the next two weeks,” the jubilant Hawks owner said.

“Restaurants could take anything orange off the menu for the time being. Weekend, maybe. And no wearing orange,” he said.

And what does Wirtz, who owns a major liquor distributorship, have shakin’ in his anti-Flyers shaker?

“If you want to put orange juice in vodka, try opting for a Bloody Mary instead,” said a cheery Wirtz.

That’s the message that is being spread across Chicago, to boycott anything and everything orange. Between these two crazed fanbases, you have to wonder which side will take things further. I’m certain there will be an incredible amount of trash talk back and forth, especially when you start to factor in just how long it’s been for both of these franchises.

These are hungry and angry fans. They are rabid, and while the Blackhawks fan disappeared for a bit they are back in full force now. Boycotting anything that’s orange; that is tame compared to some of the antics I’m expecting to see in Chicago and Philadelphia over the next.

Hopefully we’ll even be able to print them. Knowing the fans in Philly, there’s a good chance we might not.