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2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: PHT’s Round 1 picks


Welcome to ProHockeyTalk’s springtime tradition of embarrassing the staff! Comprised of myself (Mike Halford), Jason Brough, Joe Yerdon, James O’Brien, Ryan Dadoun and Cam Tucker, the PHT braintrust is once again doing round-by-round picks for the Stanley Cup playoffs, which you will be able to stash away and use as ammunition at a later date.

So with that stellar intro out of the way, here are our fearless first round picks. Be sure to add yours in the comments section — if you do well, there’s a chance we’ll mention it in a future post, which is about as good a prize as you’ll get from a hockey blog. What, you were expecting jet skis? This this ain’t the Showcase Showdown.

Western Conference

Anaheim vs. Dallas

Halford: Ducks in 6

Brough: Stars in 6

Yerdon: Ducks in 7

O’Brien: Stars in 5

Dadoun: Ducks in 5

Tucker: Ducks in 7

San Jose vs. Los Angeles

Halford: Sharks in 7

Brough: Kings in 6

Yerdon: Kings in 7

O’Brien: Kings in 6

Dadoun: Sharks in 7

Tucker: Sharks in 7

St. Louis vs. Chicago

Halford: ‘Hawks in 7

Brough: ‘Hawks in 6

Yerdon: ‘Hawks in 6

O’Brien: ‘Hawks in 7

Dadoun: ‘Hawks in 6

Tucker: Blues in 6

Colorado vs. Minnesota

Halford: Avs in 6

Brough: Wild in 6

Yerdon: Avs in 6

O’Brien: Avs in 5

Dadoun: Avs in 6

Tucker: Avs in 6

Eastern Conference

Boston vs. Detroit

Halford: Wings in 7

Brough: Bruins in 7

Yerdon: Bruins in 7

O’Brien: Bruins in 6

Dadoun: Bruins in 6

Tucker: Bruins in 5

Montreal vs. Tampa Bay

Halford: Habs in 5

Brough: Habs in 7

Yerdon: Habs in 6

O’Brien: Bolts in 6

Dadoun: Bolts in 6

Tucker: Habs in 6

Pittsburgh vs. Columbus

Halford: Pens in 6

Brough: Pens in 6

Yerdon: Pens in 6

O’Brien: Pens in 5

Dadoun: Pens in 5

Tucker: Pens in 6

New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia

Halford: Rangers in 6

Brough: Rangers in 7

Yerdon: Rangers in 7

O’Brien: Rangers in 6

Dadoun: Flyers in 6

Tucker: Rangers in 5