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A lockout could make Todd Bertuzzi feel like Bill Murray



Veteran winger Todd Bertuzzi admits he’s heard that a lengthy lockout can benefit older players, but he told the Detroit Free Press that he doubts it would do him much good.

“It’s not ideal,” Bertuzzi said. “If I have to miss a year, I hear sometimes it benefits the older players, but I don’t think it really does. I think you have to be consistently playing, being active and all that.

“You usually train for two, two and-a-half months in the summer and then maintain (heading into training camp). But we’re going on three months of training right now and it kind of gets groundhog day-ish.”

It’s actually quite fun to picture Bertuzzi as Bill Murray during this process - right down to sporting that hangdog face whenever he’s ambling through practice drills.

(Really, if you need a lockout distraction, imagine Big Bert in various Murray roles. Here’s a good scene to start you off.)

If there’s one thing that bothers Bertuzzi as much as a third “Ghostbusters” movie bugs Murray, it’s the prospect of the 2013 Winter Classic being canceled.

“I’ve always wanted to play in one of those,” Bertuzzi said. “That would be pretty tough to miss.”