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Andy McDonald doesn’t think suspensions have been a deterrent

galiardi mcdonald

Andy McDonald sustained two concussions within the span of 11 months, so he has something of a unique perspective on the topic of head hits.

Despite the league’s efforts to crack down on blows to the head, McDonald isn’t sure if much progress has been made yet.

“I just think you watch a game, and is it really better than it was a year or two years ago?” McDonald asked. “Is there less head shots? Certainly the playoffs this year has been a revelation that not much has changed. Guys are still targeting the head and really putting other players in danger and at risk for serious injury. And that’s frustrating for a player that’s gone through a significant amount of time with that type of injury.”

Before you think McDonald is speaking in reaction to Raffi Torres’ hit on Marian Hossa, keep in mind that these quotes were actually given to ESPN roughly two hours before Hossa was taken off the ice in a stretcher.

“On the suspension part of it, there’s really not a deterrent,” said McDonald. “If guys were suspended for 20 games, then I think things would change.”

That kind of punishment would certainly send shockwaves through the league. That being said, McDonald does think the league is “trying to get it right.” McDonald also believes that his fellow players need to step up and take some responsibility as well.

“It’s obvious that there’s not a lot of respect out there, and you see it every night on replays. Guys are certainly not respecting each other on the ice,” he said.

Meanwhile Marian Hossa and Daniel Alfredsson are out for Game 4 of their respective series.