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Babcock thinks the fix is in against Kadri regarding penalties

With an intriguing summer coming ahead considering his restricted free agent status, the Toronto Maple Leafs could probably use every little detail in assessing Nazem Kadri’s value.

It might be a tough finish for him if he can’t draw a penalty, though.

The Maple Leafs forward seems to be a magnet for controversy lately, whether it’s him delivering a boarding hit and receiving a cutthroat gesture for his trouble or when he’s the guy receiving that check.

(He’s also been the guy who made that throat-slashing hand signal. Phew.)

Anyway, you can see a big hit on Kadri from Saturday’s 3-1 Boston Bruins win against the Maple Leafs in the video above the headline.

The juicier stuff comes via Babcock’s press conference, where he states that he believes a “memo” went out among NHL officials about four games ago not to call penalties on infractions against Kadri.

If you don’t want to watch the video, reporters gathered some of the best quips:

Calling a penalty when there’s a penalty? Novel idea.

In all seriousness, Babs seemed steamed about the whole thing, and it’s a reminder that his press conferences may occasionally be more fun to watch than the Leafs’ remaining tankings games.