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Bruins add defensemen, ignore offense

Every trade deadline there has to be a sense of anxiety around the league, as players contemplate how quickly their immediate future may change. Some welcome the change and are hopeful for a new start while others are wary of leaving their teammates behind.

The Boston Bruins were in a situation where management could have decided to take drastic action, especially when the team went on a horrific nine-game losing streak that threatened to derail the season. In those nine losses the team failed to score more than three goals in a game and scored just one five times. The worst offensive team in the NHL was in desperate need for scoring help at the deadline, and the players on the team had a feeling that things might change, according to Tim Thomas.

“I noticed it a little bit in people’s body language [because Tuesday] was my first day back,’' he said. “Even the few days before the break, because they knew there was going to be [movement], there was some nervousness. You can’t help it.

“You do your best not to think about it but that doesn’t mean you don’t think about it at all.

“I just think it’s human nature. If you’re on a team that’s hit a protracted losing streak like we did back then, that makes you wonder. But then, if you’re on a team that is playing really good, you’re wondering, ‘Is this team going to try to add something for that Stanley Cup run and am I going to be the player that goes?’

What was interesting was seeing Boston not only keep most of the team in tact, but to focus on the defense first. From the Boston Globe:

“I might as well get this right out there,’' Chiarelli said in his opening remarks, “because I know that a lot of the questions will be, ‘Why didn’t we get scoring?’ And those are very good and valid questions.

“What you have to look at - at least, what we looked at - was firstly, we wanted to change the composition of our defense. I can say that was an equal priority to getting some more scoring. I put it as an equal priority because I feel that if we change the composition, that will, in itself, allow us to improve from the back end out. It should result in better offensive production. It allows the defensemen to play in their appropriate roles and positions.’'

I understand the philosophy, but defense has not been the problem this season at all. Not by a long shot; the Bruins are 4th-best in the NHL with a 2.44 goals-against average and Tuukka Rask is 4th among all goaltenders with a .926 save percentage. Tim Thomas, who is having a ‘down year’ is in 15th. Not exactly a big worry here.

I’ll give them this: the Bruins are in the middle of the NHL in shots allowed per game. Well, that certainly spells reason for adding defense rather than offense.

I can understand the goal behind getting the defense into shape with the hopes that the offense will start scoring. Sort of. But is adding Dennis Seidenberg to your blue line suddenly going to fix the issue that the Bruins don’t have a scorer in the top 100 in the NHL? How is Seidenberg going to help Blake Wheeler, who has 3 points in his last 14 games? With crisp breakout passes and a big shot from the point?

If I were a Bruins fan I’d be pulling my hair out today. Says Stanley Cup of Chowder:

For a team that is last in the league in goal scoring that is still in the playoff hunt not to land a goal scorer is inexcusable. Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins brass sent a clear message: this is not “the year to B here”. A Cup run this year was a bit of a pipe dream but I figured the B’s would still want to win a playoff series to line Jacobs’ pocket with an extra couple games’ worth of concession sales. Peter Chiarelli tried to spin it like they were trying to improve for this year, but it is clear that this deadline was all about the future, not the present.

The market for scorers wasn’t particularly hot this year and the Bruins did supposedly try. But don’t try and spin it by saying that adding Seidenberg and “changing the composition of the defense” will help scoring. You swapped out Derek Morris for Dennis Seidenberg, that’s it.