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Clips worth seeing again: Mike Richards’ amazing effort

I’m just about certain that Brandon or Joe already posted this video (or a similar video of this moment) already, but it’s already been - gah! - two days without hockey and counting today, there will be three more. (How ... how are we going to cope with the fact that there are only 4-7 more games left? How?) Yet there are some hockey clips that I can rewind over and over again like an alternate happy universe Zapruder film. Alex Ovechkin’s rookie season goal against the Phoenix Coyotes comes to mind.

Mike Richards ridiculous Game 5 goal against the Montreal Canadiens belongs in that group. It is simply a stunning moment by a player who really is earning his captain status and deserves more acclaim than he’s getting. Bask in the glow of his star-making moment and prepare for the Stanley Cup finals to begin Saturday.