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Columnist: Don’t fire Johnston when Pens lose to Rangers

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston


I’m not even passing this along because the argument is particularly compelling or sensational. It just struck me that the Penguins-Rangers series hasn’t even started and already one prominent Pittsburgh columnist is campaigning in defense of the coach. Is that how dire the outlook’s turned in the City of Bridges?

From Rob Rossi of the Tribune-Review:

Mike Johnston should survive.

He probably won’t. The best case anybody can make for his Penguins to upset the Stanley Cup favorite is … well, it’s the playoffs and anything can happen, so who knows?

Everybody knows how this is going to go.

Translation: Rossi believes the Pens have no chance against the Rangers. That’s a pretty bold take, even considering Pittsburgh’s injury situation and how many games Sidney Crosby and company lost down the stretch.

All I know is, when it comes to the NHL playoffs, sometimes it’s darkest right before dawn. You gotta keep the faith.

(Then again, I did write this.)