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Fehr reveals NHLPA proposal specifics: “We want to make a deal”

Donald Fehr

NHL Players Association executive director Donald Fehr speaks at a news conference after a meeting of the NHLPA executive board in Chicago, Wednesday, June 27, 2012. (AP Photo/Sitthixay Ditthavong)


Following Tuesday’s meeting with the NHL, players’ union boss Donald Fehr met with reporters to discuss specifics of the NHLPA’s offer to the league -- and passed along a key message.

We want to make a deal.”

Fehr covered various aspects of Tuesday’s meeting, discussing both the tone of the meetings and the details of the PA’s proposal.

The nuts and bolts of the NHLPA offer are:

-- Proposed three-year collective bargaining agreement, with an option for a fourth. (link)

-- The fourth year is an option to revert to the current CBA. (link)

-- Players are willing to take a lower HHR (hockey related revenue) share over the next three years. (link)

-- Current rules for player salaries, contract lengths and free agent eligibility would remain unchanged. (link)

-- Deal would include a hard salary cap “with some exceptions.” (link)

-- One exception appears to be a luxury tax. (link)

As for the tone of and reaction to the meeting, Fehr said the talks were “frank” and “certainly professional,” but added that players and owners “don’t see the world the same way.”


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