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Florida Panthers hope Lebronamania runs wild on hockey fans, too


When you’re trying to sell tickets to a fan base as stagnant as the Florida Panthers’, you sometimes have to stretch the boundaries of credibility. So don’t blame the moribund franchise for hoping that Lebronamania* will run wild on hockey fans, too.

*I prefer Lebronamania to Lebronmania, simply because it evokes Hulkamania. Yes, I am a simple man.

George Richards reports that the team is trying to capitalize on the hoop star’s hoopla with a deal that is supposedly fit for a king (ugh).

The Heat may be out of season tickets thanks in part to LeBron Mania.

The Panthers are trying to get in on the fun.

From now until July 12, you can get season tickets in the lower bowl for $23 per game; $6 in the upper deck.

They’re calling it ‘Seats Fit for a King.’

You can’t blame them for an obvious reach, but the Florida Panthers will succeed because Tallonamania, not Lebronamania. (So far, so good there, by the way.)