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Glendale can vote on Coyotes deal, but the vote might not hold up in court Arena

Glendale council is free to hold today’s vote on its proposed 20-year lease with the prospective owner of the Phoenix Coyotes that would have the cash-strapped city that owns Arena commit $300 million over the course of the agreement in arena-management fees.

The taxpayer watchdog Goldwater Institute wanted the vote blocked to allow more time to review the deal after it accused the city of failing to release public records in a timely fashion. However, the judge denied Goldwater’s request, ruling the court doesn’t have that authority.

This might not be the end of it though. (Is it ever?) The two sides could be back in court Monday, as the judge conceded Glendale didn’t provide the records on time, leaving Goldwater the opportunity to request a voiding of the vote after it’s occurred.

“We absolutely will challenge the vote if it is passed,” Goldwater attorney Carrie Ann Sitren said, as per Phoenix Business Journal.


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