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Greetings from the Big House

Big House

It’s cold. That’s the first thing that should be mentioned. According to the Weather Network, it’s 19F, which equates to -7C. For Wednesday’s Winter Classic, it’s supposed to be around the same temperature, with a good chance of some snow.

Fortunately there’s a warm media room adjacent to the stadium, which is where we are now. Halford is sitting behind me. He forgot his gloves at the hotel, so I had to go out and get some shots of the set-up.


My first thought when I walked into the home of the Wolverines was, wow, so this is where Appalachian State shocked the world. My second thought was that the view of the rink isn’t half bad. I think the people who have tickets will be pleasantly surprised with how well they can see the action and pick up the puck. (Assuming it’s not a blizzard.)

Here’s a shot I took from the top row:

View 2

And remember, it always seems a bit further away when you look at a picture.

As for the city of Ann Arbor, it’s still pretty quiet. Most of the students are on break and we’ve only seen a few Red Wings and Maple Leafs fans.

If you’re attending the game, I recommend you read this about the parking situation, because it’s going to be a challenge with over 100,000 expected. Yes, they get that regularly for football games, but a good chuck of the crowd is students, who don’t have to drive since they live on or near campus.

OK, I’m off to get a hot chocolate.