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Helm angry about (another) blind side hit

Hey, did you guys hear about the latest controversy surrounding hits to the head and late hits and boarding and intent to injure and the NHL’s double standard for punishments and the inconsistencies from one hit to another hit?

-- Takes breath --

Well, here’s another piece of kindling to throw into the fire that’s currently burning. Darren Helm was nearly knocked for a loop after a blind side hit by the Sabres’ Raffi Torres. The hit was reminiscent of Matt Cooke’s hit from just last week, but has received hardly any attention in the aftermath of the Alex Ovechkin mess. In fact, Torres wasn’t even accessed a penalty.

I’m guessing if Helm had been taken off the ice on a stretcher we’d be discussing how these dangerous hits are still technically legal, but since Helm is fine then we’ve all just moved on.

“They’ve got to do something about that, especially with repeat offenders,” Helm said. “I don’t know what (Torres) was trying to do or what he was thinking.”

“The thing that set the stage for all of this was not suspending Cooke,” he said. “Open ice headshots, they’ve been ‘talking about it’ (Helm used quotation symbols) so much, they have to start doing something about it. It’s one of the dirtiest plays in the game.”

Well, the NHL is trying at least. I can’t even begin to describe how tired I am of writing about this, but we’ll continue to harp on these issues until the NHL finds a better way of fixing this issue. And a fix isn’t coming anytime soon.