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Just for Men: Joe Thornton

This Just for Men series touched on Joe Thornton briefly when we lavished attention on the lavish beard boasted by Brent Burns, but some beards are worth revisiting.

(See: the Dynasty-era New York Islanders.)

Quite frankly, Jumbo Joe’s jumbo-beard might just best Brent Burns’ Brillo chin.

Consider this very serious breakdown:

Thornton’s beard is a thing of awe. It’s the sort of thing that inspires people to Photoshop his beard on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ faces. The combined might of the Sharks’ shear-breaking beards even inspired some (presumably hairy) chest-puffing:

Just consider how far he’s come from a facial-hair-standpoint:

Much like with Burns, this series really needs to take a moment to thank the patient significant others of the bodaciously bearded. Even those who may enjoy a little gruff must be itching to see Thornton’s beard go soon enough.

Is it too early to miss Thornton’s beard?

(His wife says no.)