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More on the epic Leblond - Janssen fight

Have you seen the Cam Janssen and Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond fight yet? If not, you can check it out here.

The fight is starting to build a considerable buzz today around the hockey world, and most are calling it the best fight of the season. It may be the best fight of the past few years.

Kevin Schultz of AOL Fanhouse breaks down the fight nearly hit for hit, including this gem:

1:09 - The two exchange some words. It almost seems as if Janssen is saying, “Yeah, I’m not going away anytime soon.” To which Letourneau-Leblond responds, “Here’s a fist for your face.”

1:20 - The referees are circling like vultures now, ready to stop this fight but, impressively, neither fighter is tiring all too much.

1:28 - Janssen actually signals to the refs to keep their distance. That is awesome.

Both Janssen and Leblond actually signaled a couple of times for the officials to back off, almost as if they both knew they were in the middle of a historic bout. I’m still amazed at how long they went without tiring. Per Rich Chere of the NJ Star-Ledger:

“He definitely lamded some. I can’t tell you how many right now. I’ll tell you tomorrow,” Leblond said.

“Once it’s over you are,” Leblond said. “During the fight you don’t feel fatigue.”