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Newark mayor is so frustrated with Devils owner that he’s turned to rhyming

Cory Booker

Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek has yet to drive Newark Mayor Cory Booker insane, but he’s driven him to poetry, which in this day and age is practically the same thing.

On hand to announce the return of the Dodge Poetry Festival (brought to you by Dodge Ram) to the city, Booker recited a couple of poems he wrote as a way to ease the stress caused by his much-publicized dispute with Vanderbeek over rent and parking revenues at Prudential Center.

As reported by the Star-Ledger, here’s how Booker’s first poem began:

“I will not lie down and I’ll never say die/Fallen to the ground — I still believe I can fly/Curse me and you just make me strong/Say I can’t and I will prove you wrong.”

And here’s how his second poem ended:

“Sometimes just going to bed is the best antidote to trials and tribulations/And sometimes just being blessed to get up again and face it all, for one more day, is worthy of celebration.”

I guess those are decent poems, though I feel like he might’ve stolen part of the first one from that Seal song.

A better poem would’ve been this:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Highfalutin huckster,
Hey Vanderbeek, that’s you.

/drops mic