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NHL content with officiating in Wings-Sharks game

While the entire hockey world was up in arms this morning over the officiating fiasco in last night’s Red Wings and Sharks game, NHL director of officiating Terry Gregson is perfectly content saying that last night’s referees did a perfectly fine job. Per Ted Kuffan of The Detroit News:

“They set a tight standard early on and they kept to that standard the rest of the game,” said Gregson.

The NHL doesn’t always back the decisions of the officials and there have been rare instances where it’s been acknowledged that the officiating in a game was below par. That Gregson is deciding to stick by Kevin Pollock and Brad Watson is a bit surprising, especially for anyone who witnessed last night’s debacle. Couple that with the mysterious tripping/high stick and you have two games in a Red Wings series with serious officiating issues.

While we’ve already covered the inevitable rise of the Detroit Red Wing tin foil hat society that made a bunch of noise today, conspiracist (and blogger) George Malik acknowledges that the Red Wings can’t blame the bad calls for their two losses.

We’re not here to bash the Red Wings fans anymore than normal, and it’s certainly tough not to feel sympathy after last night’s game. Still, it’s nice to see some start to focus on what the Red Wings need to change that they actually have control over. No matter what calls were made on the ice, Detroit absolutely has to play better if they hope to pull off a series comeback.