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Once more with feeling -- Ryan Miller is worried about goalie safety

Hansen slides into Howard

If Ryan Miller isn’t careful, he’s going to get a reputation for whining.

The Buffalo netminder spoke out again today about the plight of the defenseless goalie.

“I think it’s just the way the game’s going,” Miller said, as per the Canadian Press. “Obviously, I pay attention to other games in the league and I think it’s becoming a little bit of the guys are trying to arrive at the net without a plan.

“Two nights ago, you saw it with (Winnipeg’s Evander) Kane driving through (Islanders goalie Al) Montoya, last night I saw (Detroit’s) Jimmy Howard get run over in Vancouver and they even scored a goal off the play.”

Hmmm…maybe because scoring a goal off the play was the “plan”?

It’s fine for Miller to complain about goalies getting run over intentionally, but you couldn’t very well ask Jannik Hansen to pass on the chance to take the puck to front of the net. That’s where most goals are scored.

Besides, it was Henrik Zetterberg who pushed Hansen off balance and into Howard. Blame him.

Or don’t blame anyone. It’s a tough sport.

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