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Patrick Kane explains his post-parade remarks

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It’s easy to forget that what was supposed to be a promising season for the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t start off all that great. First, Dale Tallon’s fax machine broke, and the team was forced to sign a couple of players to long-term contracts or else lose them to free agency. The mixup cost Tallon his job, and some wondered what long term effects that gaffe would have on this team.

Then Patrick Kane was arrested after a dispute with a cab driver. Kane, very young and the extremely talented member of a great group of young forwards, had tarnished his reputation. It didn’t help when he later gained the rep of a “partier” when he was caught shirtless in a limo with other teammates; not that big of a deal, but combine the two incidents and the year didn’t exactly start off great for Kane.

So when he said these words at the parade yesterday, some may have thought he was taking too easy an approach to the incidents:

“I’ll try to keep my shirt on all summer and for all the cab drivers out there, I love you.”

Today, Kane explained his remarks and showed a bit more of a level headed approach. From Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago:

“You can look back on those things and say the year started out like this,” Kane said Saturday, when asked why he brought it up at the rally. “It ended on a great note, but it started out on not so great of a note. So you look back on it and you can have fun with it. The issue is over. It’s gone. It’s done with.

“I probably have to live the rest of my life with it but I think, for me, I can have fun with it now that it’s over.”

Listen, you can’t fault Kane for making light of the situation during his time of triumph. Perhaps the wording wasn’t perfect, but you have to respect a guy that can poke fun at himself after he screws up. Kane is now a bigger star than ever, so he’s going to have to be wary that every word he speaks and every thing he does will be intensely scrutinized.