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Poll results: You think Rick Rypien is going away for long time

Rick Rypien

With Canucks forward Rick Rypien’s hearing in New York City with the NHL front office underway today to decide what his punishment for grabbing a fan during a game will be, it’s about time we caught up with what you think his punishment should be.

We polled you guys recently to find out what you think and while the opinions vary as to how many games the experts think he’ll get and people generally feel that he’ll end up getting anywhere from 6-10 games, you were pretty clear on your thoughts. We ventured a guess in the heat of the moment thinking that he’s got something in the double-digits coming to him, and perhaps as much as 15 games.

As it turns out, you fans think he’s going to end up going away for a long time as well.


Seeing 54% of you side with going for 10+ games makes for a pretty emphatic statement on matters. With the next highest choice being for 8-10 games, it’s clear you’re all in support of having a message sent here in some fashion. We should know by this afternoon what the NHL thinks Rypien will get, we can only hope that they have a game show set up with the Wheel Of Justice to help determine things. You know, just embrace the hell out of what they’re made fun of about.