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Quinnipac wins longest game in college hockey history

I wonder if, somewhere, Mud Brunetau and Keith Primeau are smiling. Quinnipac beat Union 3-2 in a fifth overtime period, making the nearly six hour contest the longest game in college hockey history.

Greg Holt of the Bobcats scored with 10:22 remaining in the fifth overtime to give Quinnipiac the win in the ECAC best-of-three quarterfinal series.

At 150 minutes and 22 seconds, it was the longest game in college hockey history. The previous record was set in 2006, when Yale beat Union College 3-2 in a game that was 141 minutes and 35 seconds long.

The best/worst part is that the two teams’ series will continue Saturday night. Something tells me that there might some tired legs in that one.

Some of my favorite (and most tortured) hockey memories involve epic - seemingly eternal - overtime games in the playoffs. Such games can turn a series (as Keith Primeau did for the Flyers) but that isn’t a solid rule (think of Petr Sykora extending the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals only for Detroit to take the Cup in Pittsburgh). Dallas Stars fans are grizzled veterans of marathon games, in particular.

Feel free to share some of your favorite moments from the league’s many nearly never-ending stories. Nothing matches the nail biting tension and eerie atmosphere of a multiple overtime game in the NHL playoffs.

Did I mention that the playoffs are coming soon?

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