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Report: Players don’t know how much money they’ll get from World Cup

Darryl Sittler; John Tory; Bill Daly; Don Fehr

Former NHL hockey player Darryl Sittler, left, Toronto Mayor John Tory, center, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, second right, and NHLPA Executive Director, Don Fehr, right, unveil the tournament countdown clock for the World Cup of Hockey, Wednesday, March 2, 2016, in Toronto. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT


It appears as though there will be some leap of faith involved with participating in the World Cup of Hockey.

At least, that’s how it seems right now, as TSN’s Frank Seravalli reports that the NHLPA isn’t yet aware how much players will make by participating in the intriguing event.

Here are some of the key details:

Even today, just six months before the puck drops in the tournament, the NHLPA has no way of knowing how much their 50-50 split will bring in. It is impossible to know. Both sides are relying on projections.

The only figure the NHLPA knows for sure is an undisclosed stipend paid to the 184 players for participation in the tournament. Neither the NHL nor the NHLPA would reveal the stipend amount on Monday, but the figure is believed to be more than the $9,500 appearance fee players receive for All-Star weekend. The stipend amount was not disclosed to the players selected to preliminary rosters last week, who will give up approximately one month of their ever-shrinking off-season.

Servalli reports that players will receive a per diem like they do during the NHL season and that semifinalists are likely to receive a bump via prize money.

Things get fuzzier when you try to do the math, as according to Servalli, it depends upon how the money is spread out.

One scenario would have participants making $68K plus stipends while other NHLPA members would receive $22K. If the entire NHLPA benefits the same way, an estimate would be $33K.

And that’s just based on current projections.

A lot remains unclear, but players at least know they’ll get a piece of the pie.

The bigger question is: would their piece be worth giving up a chunk of their off-season?

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