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Ron Wilson thinks Brodeur didn’t deserve such harsh treatment

There’s no question that Canada was under immense pressure in the Olympics, and after a stunning loss to the United States in round-robin play that pressure became even more intense for Martin Brodeur. I’m not a Canadian so I don’t have the emotional tie to the team that many had, but even I was surprised at the level of vitriol spewed forth in the direction of Brodeur, he of so many great victories throughout his career.

Apparently, so was USA and Toronto Maple Leaf head coach Ron Wilson:

“We thought Canada was the best team,” he said. “We didn’t write them off. But I tell you, reading all the papers, everybody else had them written off.

“The biggest surprise to me is how everybody threw Marty Brodeur, the greatest goalie in the history of the game, under the bus and backed over him, and forward, backward, forward, backward. It’s the greatest goalie that’s ever played and it almost tarnished his career on one night. He didn’t have a good night, but part of that had to do with how well we pressured them.”

You know, I don’t think I could have described it better myself. "...under the bus and backed over him, and forward...”, that’s pretty much how it went. As an American and watching that game, not once I did I believe the loss was Brodeur’s fault. At least not completely.

Sure, some of the goals allowed were questionable, but the game really came down to how much better Ryan Miller was on the other side of the ice.

I guess since Canada won gold with Luongo in net then the correct choice was made, but there’s no way Martin Brodeur deserved the criticisms he received. I guess it really is a testament to the level of fanaticism surround Canadian hockey; that perhaps the greatest goaltender of all time could be torn down in an instant, just for losing a preliminary game to the Americans.

Of course, had he played like Miikka Kiprusoff did, then maybe I’d understand.