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School kids clean up graffiti on Lucic’s family church

Kids clean up graffiti

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition in Vancouver – good citizens cleaning up the day after idiot Canucks fans make a mess.

The Globe and Mail’s David Ebner reports via Twitter that a group of school kids showed up to scrub off the graffiti that was sprayed on Milan Lucic’s family church in Burnaby, BC.

Kids clean up graffiti

We assume at some point the kids stopped peering in the windows and actually got to work.

Anyway, it’s not surprising that this story is getting some traction; however, the majority of Canucks fans must be getting tired of taking heat for the actions of a dim-witted minority. The only real solution is to round up all the idiots and throw them off a cliff, but the “law” says that’s not an option.